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Why people want to buy Huawei Nova 4

Huawei introduced another phone with a different design. The model is known as the Huawei Nova 4 which has no notch on the screen which was the trending look for many phones. There is one hole in the top left of the screen which is the camera. This is not the only thing that is attracting customers from around the world to buy this smart phone. The design and display of this smart phone is, 6.4 inch display screen with 2310 x 1080 pixel resolution. The smart phone weighs about 172 grams. On the back side of the smart phone there is triple lens camera with two sensors contained in a single section. At the top center of the rear side there is a finger print sensor.

When it comes to camera technology, the Huawei Nova 4 has 25 megapixel front camera and a f./2/.0 aperture along with the electronic image stabilization which is best suited for recording 1080p videos. The rear camera is about 20 megapixel. There is a plus model of Huawei Nova 4 which will have a 48 megapixel rear camera with f/1.8 aperture along with that there will be a second 16 mp which will be super camera wide lens and also another 2 mp camera which will be able to cover the depth of the field. These lens are also present in the standard Nova 4. Artificial Intelligence technology is present for the camera.

Other specifications which will be difficult to ignore is the RAM which the Huawei Nova comprises of 8GB RAM, the processor is Kirin 970 which is powering the smart phone. This phone comprises 128GB storage which is common among flagship phones. The software which is running in Huawei Nova 4 is Android 9.0 Pie with the EMUI 9.0.1 interface over the top of the OS. There is an addition of GPU Turbo feature which is used to enhance the mobile’s gaming performance. The battery is fine for this smart phone which is about 3750mAh capacity.

All these great features and specifications does make people to buy this phone. The reason behind is not only the great features which many flagship phones are offering. The only difference is the price which attracts many customers to buy a Huawei smart phone. The standard Huawei Nova 4 is about $ 450 and the High Version Huawei Nova 4 is about $ 490. This price is way better as compared to the competitor smart phones in the market. The price changes everything you look for a mobile phone. When there are phones which are providing great features like these but are so expensive so the customers will lean on the company or brand which is providing the same features and the price is low. Many users will enjoy this mobile phone because of the amazing features and the user experience that they will feel when they will get their hands on these Huawei mobile phones especially the Huawei Nova 4.