The Best Features of iPhone Xmas

iPhone Xmas has introduced a lot of new features which have captured the consumers’ eyes. This is the plus size of the iPhone XS which mostly the phones have only the difference of screen size and nothing else. The main features of iPhone Xmas which are the most important one are the following.

The first feature which catches the eye of the user is the Gold finish of the smart phone. To be more precise it is a subtle hue of gold which matches really well with the off white glass panel in the back side of the smart phone. Along with the eye catching look the screen size is also great with 6.5 inches with a notch. The screen display is edge to edge which looks really good and big than the previous plus models of Apple. The overall device is covered with glossy stainless steel which has a better grip than the previous models.

Another feature which is also very design oriented is the Live Wallpaper feature. There are various moving pictures which are very good in quality and in design. This feature makes the smart phone more attractive to the users. Apple made the both of these models which are the iPhone XS and iPhone Xmas in such a way that they are more equipped to the wireless charging. The charging is pretty efficient with 7.5W wireless chargers.

When it comes to camera iPhone has been making improvements from model to model. With camera technology progressing the Apple phones are also adapting the changes and making it better in their own way. There is better low light performance by the camera of iPhone Xmas which is one of the best features in this smart phone. Due to the new ISP and the introduction of Neural Engine, the color representation of the pictures are more accurate. Different modes of camera especially the Portrait mode is fast and is better in quality wise than the previous models of Apple. There are various photo editing options provided in these models.

The Apple iPhone XS and iPhone Xmas both comes with 4GB of RAM which the previous models had but the changes in the Operating System of the Apple phone made the phone more fast. Users can easily switch to apps or jump from one app to another without closing any app. This will not halt the phone at all. Other changes like the improvements in antenna bands of the smart phone has improved the band coverage of these models. It does depend on the type of carrier the user is using and the location where the user is. Mostly in western countries the service of carrier is better due to which these models are better performing when it comes cellular performance.

All the above features are most important one which are different from the previous models, there are also few changes which you may find it individually when you will start using these models on your own.