Luggage For The International Business Traveler

We’re touch about four business luggage bags that I think every business Professional should own over the last few years I’ve had the privilege to travel around the world travel throughout the United States and whenever. I go on business trips oftentimes. I’m living out of my suitcase sometimes five days seven days two weeks in a row.

it’s something that you want to make sure and you want to invest in quality luggage because like I said you’re going to be living out of this you don’t want to open up your bag and not be able to find things and worse realize that you didn’t Pat you thought you pack something. But you didn’t want. It was just too much of a mess when you’re going through your weren’t able to find.

it now the four bags I’m going to discuss all the examples here If can be found over at genius pack and a link over to them here it’s a great company and I can tell you for the last two years I’ve been using their carry-on I’m very happy with the 22 inch Best luggage carry-on I’ve got that bag right over here they’ve sent me additional examples. Which I’m going to be using what I love about him is all the checklists and all the compartments that they have its very unique to this company and something that you know makes it easier on me.

let’s get into the first bag number one you need to have a great carry off so a great carry on is defined by many parts but number one it’s got to have great wheels now you’re going to usually see four options out there this one is a roller. it’s got the four right here they rotate what’s nice about this is it you can literally keep it straight up and move it through the airport you want to make sure the wheels roll that they’re durable they’re going to last you’re also going to see this with eight wheels.

I really like the eight wheel design think about it actually you know better spreading out the pressure. you’re going to have I think

just less chance of failure the four wheel design works really great but I know a lot of you guys out there you want something that you can move through the airport a lot quicker you’re going to be dragging it behind you and that’s where you’re going to see the two wheel design kind of looks like a rollerblade. Wheel this one is great as well again you’re going to see them at all the price points out there understand usually when you’re paying more for a quality carry-on you’re getting wheels that are going to last longer next up we

want to look at the telescopic handle you want to make sure that it goes up and down smoothly. it doesn’t get Scott and that it’s made from a steel material and if you’re a very tall man make sure find out how far that goes out you’re going to want it probably a little bit longer again that was something I was really happy with on Jim’s packet actually had a very good.

They use a nice solid steel they’ve got various points up again make sure. it’s smooth now let’s talk about the different types of bag you’ve noticed this is hard hard back you’re going to see and again the article that I support this entire content with right over here

Go check it out I go into a lot more detail about hard

Luggage versus soft luggage I even talk about leather you guys know that I’ve talked about leather luggage to it nauseam so I’m not going to go into it in this content.

But again I will support it in the article now let’s get back to

The carry-on the other thing that you want to look for is let’s look at all the basically the compartments. I’ve talked about this why I love genius pack but you want to make sure any company you go with that they’ve got the pouches we need why these pounds probably good for me it’s about a checklist. so I talked about a couple years ago

Traveling out to Arizona for infusion con and I’m in the airport in

Minneapolis go to plug in my laptop computer. I forgot the charger guys I had to have a charger overnight because I was going to stay for 10 days in Arizona. I could have averted dies that disaster. if I actually would have had something where it tells you that you know make sure to put your charger in there actually you know remind you to have multiple pairs of socks it sounds simple but having a checklist is especially one built in to your carry-on or at least having all the pouches.

where you know where things go but it’s really nice when a company puts a nice brief checklist right here also samsonite garment bag. it’s really cool when you combine a company that has a garment bags built right in to the carry-on so we’ve got about you know we talked about all compartments I like them too on the outside again this was actually even got place for you know I put a charger look on the inside this is going to be closest to you I like to have where I

can keep a magazine so usually three outside compartments multiple ones on the inside in addition you want to separate so look for that’s

what this is right here what this does is it keeps all of your nice clothing on this side so when you have to open it up like a book.

it’s not all going to fall out and I know some of you guys have had that where you had to open up your bag for security and things just shoot out so it’s really nice when you’ve got something that’s actually going to keep them in there I really like the extra small feature you’re going to find best anti-theft backpack. So this one right here actually has a pouch for an umbrella really nice if you travel out to Seattle or maybe out to a to Bangkok during monsoon season and rainy season you’re in India this is going to be really nice to make sure you don’t forget your umbrella I like it this one so has like a water pouch on the side let’s talk now about the handles you need to be able to pull on these and one of the key indicators of quality is double stitching thick stitching also the presence of rivets on the handle so rivets right here and look at I got seam metal rivets built right in you want to jerk on this because I remember my mom gave me a piece of luggage I don’t know maybe ten years ago first time I used it.

it looked nice too ripped the handle right off so let some weight in there dirt it around and make sure so we’re spending a lot of time on

the carry-on you notice that because this is such a key piece guys I could spend a little bit more time on this actually a lot more time I do go into more detail in the article so go check. it out I’m going to move on to number two bag that I want you to pay attention to and that is going to put your convenience so convenience bags backpacks fall into that category satchels leather briefcases they fall into that category.

I’ve already talked about those today let’s talk about a convenience bag I don’t see get a lot of attention and that’s going to be specifically your flight back so these are usually a bit smaller they’re oftentimes made to go with your carry-on they can attach right

to it and the cool part about a flight bag is it it actually is going to have everything almost like a man purse and but get past that point because really comes down to functionality and usefulness I love again this one by genius package Scott I can see it’s got head passports device pens business cards genius charger their documents magazines

tablet it has room for all of that I love it again that you’ve got little checklists over here again in the article by the way.

when you get on the airplane take your carry-on push that up there up

on top and you don’t have to get Exede out your snacks you’ve got your reading devices maybe. it’s not big enough for diapers but yeah

you dads know what I’m talking about there so bag number three is going to be your dog kit usually I like smaller dockets reason being smaller dockets you’re going to carry less the key of a Dakin why I have it is the number three bag that a businessman needs to have is protection of everything else in there so the other day I had a sample beard oil sent to me I’m traveling I get off the flight I open up my bag everything’s fine and then I open up my dog kit beard oil is everywhere and what was interesting is this Dopp kit saved all of my luggage in there from oil getting ever you do not this is about protection.