Best charities for children for donation in 2019

There are many charities for children. These are many charities that deserve your donations as they are helping small kids.

Charity for a newborn:

This charity is for newborn children. They help mothers by providing them clothes for their offspring. Once a poor lady delivered a baby and was so much worried about how to dress up his boy. She contacted this charity and helped the lady with clothes. Now his baby wears good quality clothes, every day a box arrived at her door, full of clothes and blankets for the child. There are many people who can’t afford their children; this charity helps them by providing clothes and blankets. Like this, there are many charities for children, who are helping people. These charities are better and deserve your donations.

Share our strength charity:

This charity is for hungry kids. We all see everyday news about starvation in different areas. The aim of this charity is feeding the hungry kids. There are many children in the country at risk of being undernourished. This charity supports different food banks and relief organisations. They also address hungry causes. They also guide the families about nutrition. They tell them which food is good for them. This charity also helps low-income people, help them by providing food for their kids. They raise funds, ask people if they want to participate in the battle of childhood hunger donate their one day wage to the charity. These charities for children are the best.

SOS village:

SOS village is home to the children. That kids those are homeless, having no place to live, SOS village is home to all these children. They provide homes to them. Today 52000 children are living in SOS village. It is the charity which deserves your donations, by doing this you can give homes to many homeless kids.


It is the centre that helps children in studying purpose. They help children to improve study habits, built confidence in them and groom their personalities. They are helping children to be a perfect man. In one research they noted that children of BBSSA were more likely to go schools and got better grades than the others. A good change in their behaviour was also seen. They use to be patient and good with other people. You may find many charities for children but donate to the one that spent a large amount for the purpose and less on other things.

Tobacco kids:

They have started a campaign in which their goal is to prevent kids from smoking. Tobacco leads to death. They want to give awareness to kids that it is dangerous. They are working to help children quit smoking, protect them from secondhand smoke. They are forcing the government to take serious steps to stop this all.

If you are thinking to donate to some charity than to donate this one is the best idea to do so. Tobacco-free charities for children are working hard to save their life.