Beautiful Places to visit in smara

Nature has blessed the city of smara with a truly captivating spiritual life. If you are always busy with your job and you want to get rid of this hectic routine for a while then pack your bag and get a ticket for Samara. The adventures of this city will relax your mind, and you will function more productively in your later life. You will find many places in this city where you can forget all your worries and tensions. This article will highlight some of those attractive places.

Volga Waterfront
Samara is famous for its beaches as it is the biggest attraction for tourists. In the season of summer, this place is packed with tourists swimming in the chill water. These beaches have the facility of changing rooms, volleyball nets, and toilets. If a tourist visits Samara in the hot weather, then swimming is a must for them. The most popular sights of smara include the Iversky Monastery, the Monument of Glory, and Zhigulevsky Brewery. The beach portion of the waterfront initiated from the point where Maksima Gorkovo Ulitsa intersects with Leningradskaya Ulitsa. From that point, you can move to the east until the termination of Volzhsky Prospekt.

Drama Theatre in Samara

Samara has beautifully constructed Drama Theater. The building of this amazing drama theater was constructed by Mikhail Chichagov who give it a Moscow baroque style. This theater is the proud place for the local people of smara.

Great Mosque of Samara

The focal point of this great mosque of Samara is the snail shell or malwiya minaret. This great job was done by the Abbasid caliph Al-Mutawakkil in the mid of 9th century. With time, this mosque was gradually destroyed by the 11th century. But the memory of this mosque was always preserved in the form of malwiya minaret. However, this pillar was renovated during the war in Iraq, as US troops were using it for their observation. After 1000 years of the medieval Abbasid capital, this mosque was finally crumbled under the firepower of the modern weaponry. Different conflicting stories exist about the attack on the tower. Today, this Great Mosque of Samara is the epicenter for every tourist.

Monument of Glory
Tourist can see the best possible sights of the Volga from Ploshchad Slavy. The monument of glory is the dominant feature of this place. It is considered as the symbol of samara. This statue was constructed in honor of Samara’s aviation workers during the era of Second World War. It has the sexless figure at the top of the column which is indicating a set of wings. This place of Samara intersects with the Samarskaya Ploshchad to form a huge expanse. It is believed to be the main administrative district of this city as many important government buildings are located in its square.

City of Museum

Samara has the most comprehensive and biggest museum. There are remains of many ancient animals like bones of a dinosaur. It has an ethnographical section which exhibits the people who lived in the area of Volga long before the Samara existed.