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About Hello New York

Hello New York is a photoblog showcasing only the best photographs from photographers from all over the world. Photographs posted here are found by photographers from Flickr, 500px.com, Tumblr, Instagram, and you. There are currently over 600+ photos on this website. All of the photos posted to this website are credited to the photographer, and are never claimed to be by anyone else but them. Browse some of the popular tags here. You can also find all of the popular posts (1,000+ notes) here.

Hello New York was created in October of 2009. Since being created HNY has been featured on the Tumblr radar twice. It has also been featured on the official Tumblr Staff blog as a part of their Tumblr Tuesday posts, and is also a Tumblr Staff Pick.

If you see a photo posted here without your credit (which is very rare), please contact me either by email or my ask box and I will add the correct credit to the photo as soon as I can.

Submitting a Photo – Submitting a photo does not guarantee that it will be posted. I’m extremely picky when it comes to posting photos. It depends on the quality of the photo. If it’s a SOOC photo it probably will not be posted (and you probably don’t understand what SOOC stands for, either).

Theme – This theme was designed and created solely for this website by myself. I am a freelance web designer so if you like my Tumblr themes and need a web designer, hit me up and I can give you more information.

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