10 Best Sports Movies Of All Time

Making a slam dunk in a sports movie provides not just action but also motivation. Who’s going to win this game?

• Warrior

Sports are all about conflict and competition, and essential part of screenplay writing so they’re a perfect metaphor for the family dynamics at work in Warrior. Sibling rivalry reaches new heights as two estranged brothers, each a mixed martial arts expert, fight it out.
They’re not just in it to win the crown but also their dreams. One of them has to fail. In the end they learn that the battle of the heart is bigger than any battle of the body number.

• Seabiscuit

This isn’t really about a racing horse that comes from behind to win big. It’s about how America, still struggling through the depression, would come from behind and win big. Who can resist it, especially when the racing scenes pack such a wallop.

• The Blind Side

We all know that in life, as in sports, playing fields aren’t always level. In this real-life story, Sandra Bullock wages a one-woman campaign to see that a disadvantaged but good-hearted and massively talented football player gets the chance he deserves. She’s an unstoppable force who shows its guts and not dollars that carry the day.

• The Matural

Can you really mix metaphysics and symbolism with baseball and still get a film that makes you stand up and share? This flick proves you can. The natural is filled with texture, adversity and challenges, but ultimately it boils down to a man chasing the chance to do what he was born to do. No matter what gets in his way.

• Rocky

As the famous tagline said, Rocky’s whole life was a million-to-one shot. Underdog living a Cinderella story, he’s captured people’s imaginations all over the world. The fact that the same applied to then struggling actor writer Sylvester Stallone gives the film an amazing added punch.
Throw in Bill Conte’s fantastic score, a run up the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and a knock-down, drag-out, climax fight and you’ve got a classic. It’s one of the most thrilling underdog stories ever put to film.

• Hoosiers

How many underdogs can fit into one film. This is Hoosiers. It has a down-on-his-luck basketball coach, an ex-alcoholic assistant coach and a run-of-the-mill high school team. These six individuals additionally should work watching all of these losers turn into winners.

It gets your pulse racing and puts a smile on your face. It might even make you put down that beer and go shoot a few hoops yourself. I don’t care what the scoreboard says at the end of the game, in my book we’re gonna be winners.

• Miracle

The inspirational sports flick gets its name from the real-life Miracle on Ice, when the US men’s hockey team won a totally unpredictable victory over the Soviets at the 1980 Olympics. Great moments are born from great opportunity.
Telling the story from the viewpoint of the men who made it happen, this film employs electrifying camerawork and real hockey players to put you right in the game. This is unbelievable. By the end you’re breathless and uplifted. What do you play for?Play for the United States of America.

• Field of Dreams

That oft-quoted movie line captures Field of Dream’s strange appeal. “Some mystical fate moves all of us but if we listen it will move us in the right direction. You believed in the magic, it happened. Isn’t that enough?”
Not only does this film capture that spirit and those of some baseball legends, it also plays a Redemption song we can all relate to.

• Brian’s Song

This movie tells the true story of football players and teammates Gale Sayers and Brian Piccolo. In addition to telling a tale of interracial friendship during less enlightened times, Brian’s Song also features exciting football sequences and a fruitless struggle with a fatal disease. Through it all the players friendship shines like a beacon of inextinguishable hope and love reminding us of true heroism.

• Rudy

Even the toughest guy won’t be able to hold back a tear when watching Rudy. The title character dreams of playing football for Notre Dame but everything’s against him. Chasing a stupid dream causes nothing but heartache – his size, his grades, his family’s lack of money, his learning problems.
The boy has one secret weapon – determination. Having dreams is what makes life tolerable. Rudy celebrates the sheer unadulterated power of the human spirit and that is something never to be trifled with.